Black Brand Helmets are D.O.T. approved and so small that you don’t have to worry about mushroom-head. Sleek and comfortable, they are available in .50 and .75 sizes.

Available At Your Dealer 10/1/2017!


Our leather vests are made to be comfortable with plenty of pockets for your stuff. Each comes with a full liner, YKK zippers and buckles for easy adjustability.

Now Available

IF YOU DARE...Casual-Wear

You’ve got the jacket. You’ve got the gloves. Now you can get our bad-ass casual wear. From baseball caps to t-shirts, Black Brand is all you need to wear.

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Protect your legs with our chaps. Comfortable and versatile, our chaps are made to give you plenty of hours on a bike while still providing you with easy-access pockets and adjustable fit.

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Our gloves offer you plenty of protection in both shorty and full styles. Whether you like the classic knuckle look or prefer a more contemporary style, we have something that fits yours.

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You should wear good boots when you ride for protection, but nothing says the boots you wear can’t be really cool. Black Brand knows it and we have come up with some very different approaches to the boots you need to keep riding, safely and in style all year long.

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