Wearable Technology


KoolTek Leather


KoolTek is a special process Black Brand uses in the final preparation of some jackets that will keep the leather 20-25 degrees cooler in the sun than standard leather. This makes wearing your jacket on a sunny day a lot more comfortable.


37.5 logo


Some Black Brand jackets have a sewn-in liner treated with 37.5, the best moisture wicking and odor absorbing fabric treatment in the powersports industry. 37.5 is so advanced, it senses when you start to sweat and immediately starts wicking the moisture away from you skin. Additionally, it absorbs a tremendous amount of odor, helping your jacket say fresh for a long time.

 D30® Impact Protection

D30® Impact Protection

Select Black Brand jackets will come equipped with D3O body armor. While cruiser apparel isn’t normally associated with armor, we felt the reality is you can crash while riding a motorcycle, so we want to offer the best, most comfortable armor we can find. D3O is soft, flexible, not bulky and not at all intrusive in your jacket allowing it to be comfortable for an all day ride. And it stays soft all the time, unless you have an impact, at which time the material will instantly harden and protect you significantly more than just leather could.


Black Brand helmets have a fiberglass shell. The fiberglass shell allows us to inmold a Composite Fusion EPS liner directly to the shell, eliminating gaps and increasing safety. Composite Fusion Technology puts dual density cone shapes against each other in the EPS, creating crumple zones that absorb more energy, quicker, and still allow for a very small EPS thickness, contributing to the small sizes of our Cheater helmets.

Black Brand Cheater HelmetThe Cheater Helmet is made from fiberglass and the EPS liner is a composite Fusion that is inmolded to the shell eliminating any gaps and increasing the safety. The Composite Fusion is created by injecting cone shapes—soft and firm—against each other to create “crumple zones’ in the liner and offer more protection with less size.

Black Brand sent an HJC traditional half-shell helmet and a Cheater .50 to a third party lab to have them measured for overall size. The HJC has a surface area of 223 inches while the Cheater is just 188 inches. Black Brand even measured the smallest H-D® helmet they could find and it came in at 207 inches. That makes the Cheater about 20% smaller than the HJC and is a full 10% smaller than the Harley® helmet.