Welcome to the Black Brand Family

We are a group that is not for everyone. Black Brand doesn’t care what kind of bike you ride, just that you ride. Our gear is not what you buy when you want what everyone else has—you need to be the wolf, not the sheep to ride in Black Brand.

We are making our mark on the cruiser apparel industry. We are determined to do things that other companies are not. We refuse to be all things to everyone and we produce apparel for people who want to be different.

We are the premiere head-to-toe apparel line for cruiser riders, giving you choices; both in styling and function. We will set the direction and trends in the market in such a way that other apparel companies will start to copy our designs. We won’t stray from being a motorcycle clothing company, which means we are committed to bringing you the best apparel for the best price, because nobody else has the balls to.

And we mean it! Our flagship products push all the boundaries.

How? We started by looking at the apparel lines in the already highly competitive motorcycle industry. We looked at apparel in the lower-end market. We looked at apparel in the high-end market.

And we found there was nothing for the mid-line market. That is where we come in.

We began by analyzing every facet of apparel that was currently available for motorcycle riders. Other manufacturers seemed to be making jackets without considering what a rider, or passenger, might want or need: vents on jackets that were supposed to allow air flow but were blocked by pockets; women’s jackets that rode up while riding, forcing them to buy a larger size just to be comfortable; seams that were added for no apparent reason.

We made it our mission to make a product that was better. The result?

All of our women’s jackets have a hip zipper that allows give in the jacket and prevents it from riding up. Jacket liners that snap back into place instead of a button and fabric loop. A riveted leather strap in all the jackets for easy hanging. An easy way to identify a man’s jacket from a woman’s, and the right amount of pockets to make jackets useful.

We listened to what you had to say and made our apparel better than anything else on the market.

Be the wolf.   Wear Black Brand.